Early Beginnings

Early Beginnings

1895 – Club Formation

In 1895 the Kennedya Tennis Club was formed at Henry Perdriau’s private court in Copeland Road , Beecroft. The Club was named after the red flowering vine which grew profusely in the district.

1898 – Village Green Opened

In 1898 when membership became too large for the one court, the Trustees of The Village Green were requested to lease at a nominal rental about half an acre of land at the southern end of the Green for two courts. Upon agreement to the lease, the Club signed a contract with Mr. George Willis in August 1898 to construct two gravel courts at a cost of nearly £50. Play commenced on these two courts in mid-November 1898.

1902 – Additional Court

By 1902 three courts and a small pavilion catered for 35 – 40 regular players.

1911 – News Worthy

On 3 May 1911 the Cumberland Argus Newspaper reported that Beecroft Tennis Club ladies team, Miss Murray and Miss Searle defeated a Burwood pair in a tournament at Burwood.

1912 – First Open Tournament

In 10 January 1912, the Beecroft Tennis Club ran an open tournament. 16 pairs of keen players entered to play in the tournament.

1916 – Red Cross Tennis Competition

In mid November 1916 a Red Cross Tennis Competition was held on the courts of the Beecroft and Cheltenham Tennis Clubs. Sixty pairs took part and £25 26s was raised.

1917 – From Gravel to Turf

In March 1917 the Trustees of The Village Green agreed to lease to the Beecroft Tennis Club sufficient land to convert the current 3 gravel courts to turf and to construct two new grass courts. The estimated cost of £150 50s was borrowed and the remainder was put up by Club members. The Club was to pay a rental of £5 for the use of this land.

1919 – Let Us Entertain You

In June 1919 the Beecroft Tennis Club put on entertainment to raise funds to carry out improvements to the grounds.

1960 – New Clubhouse

The current Clubhouse was built around 1960 during the Presidency of Jack Austin and was opened by Alex Colvin President of the Lawn Tennis Association. Cliff Gibson crafted the sets board, which is unique, in the Clubhouse.